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Data Services

We offer many great services to help you with your business. Have a look at some of our services below.

Contact Discovery

The quality of your contact database for the marketing or sales program decides the success of your campaigns.. We offer you our highly cost effective contact discovery service to solve your lead generation problems. Our team of highly skilled and efficient agents use both mix of traditional and innovative techniques to get the right audience for your campaigns in turn increasing your sales conversions resulting in maximum ROI.

Data Append and Cleansing

It is a known fact that email databases in every organization gradually decays every year due to recipients job change or location change. In order to roll out efficient email marketing strategies, one need to own a complete, correct, and clean database as it will deliver the maximum opens, CTRs, and qualified leads. Data cleansing  is all about deleting corrupt or outdated or improperly formatted or duplicate data and to rectifying incorrect data.

Account Profiling

This service is used extensively by clients who are trying to penetrate new accounts or to expand their contact base within an existing account. Account profiles can be used to help quantify the business potential within an account and are an excellent sales tool to help focus sales resources and develop account plans.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process B2B marketers use to build relationships with these prospects – even when they’re not yet ready to buy – in order to win their business when they are ready to buy. Our job as a marketer is to give these prospects the information they need to make a buying decision, to keep your brand front-and-center during this period, and to be there when they’re finally ready to commit.

Lead Verification

Low lead quality is the main challenge that many marketers struggle with, good lead verification practices can put an end to this dilemma and improve lead quality. This will result in higher conversion rates in terms of Sales. Verifying leads adds value to them. When clients receive leads that are verified, it results in optimum closures of sales, in other words, a good verification process in your lead gathering operation can help increase your profits.

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